The most effective ways to cure drug addiction?

Drug addiction is a chronic disease, and it’s characterized by compulsive and uncontrollable drug seeking, despite the harmful effects drugs have on your body. It causes changes in your brain, which can be long-lasting, depending on your condition. Drug addiction is also a relapsing disease, and it can return after a couple of attempts to stop. The path towards the recovery is long and challenging one, but if you want to beat your addiction, then you have to be strong and ready to fight. We here at Bartels Counseling Service believe anything can be achieved, only if you have a strong will.

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Can drug addiction be treated?

Yes, it’s not that simple, and individuals will need to invest a lot of effort and dedication. Considering this is a chronic condition, people can’t just stop and be cured in a couple of days. Most patients need a long-term commitment to treatment and repeated care. When you submit yourself to this treatment, it must help you stop using drugs, stay drug-free and be productive.

There are a couple of principles of effective treatment:

Addiction is a complicated, but treatable disease that affects the person’s brain and behavior.

One single treatment isn’t right for everyone.

Effective treatment involves all the patient’s needs, not just the drug addiction.

Staying in treatment long enough is essential.

Concealing and behavioral therapies are standard parts of every treatment.

Medications are often included and have a significant role.

The treatment plan must be reviewed and modified to matches the patient needs.

Therapy should treat mental problems as well.

Detoxication is just the first stage.

The treatment doesn’t have to voluntary, to be effective.

The medication use must be monitored continuously.

All patients should be tested for HIV, AIDS, hepatitis B and C, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.

What treatments for drug addiction you can use?

There are a lot of options that have proven to work in treating drug addiction. Patients should try behavioral counseling, meditation, medical devices used to treat withdrawal symptoms and various treatments for mental health. Every patient should have a unique plan tailored to his condition. The program must include medical and mental health services. We mustn’t neglect the support of family and close friends because they play a significant role in patient’s recovery.

The power of the mind

If you aren’t determined to quit drugs, no treatment can help you overcome this condition. But, sometimes, people get deep in drugs, they can’t think clearly. In this way, they need the support of health professionals, and in most cases, the doctors will include medications. This is the first stage and requires the detoxication of the entire body. But, the rest is up to you and how strong you can be during the tough times and resist the temptation. Seek help from your family because they will be your most significant support and help you overcome the challenging period. Once you have someone to rely on, this fight will be more comfortable.