How to overcome alcohol addiction?

Overcoming any addiction can be a challenging and bumpy road. At times, depending on your state, it might seem impossible but never underestimate the power of human will. The desire for living always prevails. If you are ready to stop drinking and get the support you need, then you can recover from alcoholism, no matter how heavy you drink. For every person, who is battling this addiction, don’t wait to hit bottom because the things will be more difficult. We here are at Bartels Counseling Service firmly believe in your dedication, and we are going to help you fight alcoholism.

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How can you stop drinking?

Many people tend to make some changes when their health becomes severely damaged. But, they are slow and require a lot of time and patience. If you are an alcohol addict, then you can’t stop drinking out of the blue. Even when you admit that you have addiction problems, you may make excuses and drag your feet because the desire for drinking is too strong. But, let’s look at the benefits and costs.

Benefits – many people use drinking to forget their problems, or they just think it’s fun to do. It’s a way of coping and relaxing after a hard-working day. Also, individuals use alcohols as a booster, to feel better, mentally and physically and forget about their insecurities.

Costs – even though, alcohol may have some benefits, when it’s used moderately, it has way more costs. It can cause relationship problems, various health conditions, such depression and anxiety and it can get in the way of performing your job and family responsibilities.

What goals should you set?

Once you decide to stop drinking, you need to establish clear drinking goals. In this case, staying strong, realistic and specific is the essential thing. If you want to lead a healthy life, then alcohol has to go. Many people are ashamed because they are weak, but there is no shame in asking for help.

First of all, talk to your family about your struggles because they will be your most significant support during this process. Then consult your physician and ask him to recommend you appropriate treatment. The last thing you can do is to join some local AA group. Sometimes it’s easier to talk about your problems in front of strangers. They are facing the same issues, so they won’t judge you. Clear up your head, set up your goals and stay strong if you want to change your life.

Quit drinking alcohol

You should get rid of all temptations and avoid bad influences. You should distance yourself from people who don’t support your decision or don’t respect the limits you have set. This may mean you have to give up certain friends and social connections.

Once you overcome the desire for drinking, learn from your mistakes and try not to repeat them. Recovered alcoholics have the biggest fear of relapsing, so don’t fall into this trap.